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Brush Caddy Advertising

The Brush Caddy is ideal for clubs, courses, practice facilities and driving ranges looking to boost the bottom line while improving customer service at the same time. The club cleaning benefits of the golf brush are obvious, but how about using the logo plates to sell advertising!

The Brush Caddy offers your choice of two logo plate designs to advertise on. The round logo plate is two inches high and four inches wide. A ridged, flat top allows space for a single customized logo decal just over three inches in diameter! Our two-sided rectangular upright plate is slightly over four inches high and four inches wide. The ridged plate provides decal space from almost four inches wide to over two inches high. Both logo plates can be customized with a vehicle grade, weather resistant decal of any image to get the exact look that your advertisers are looking for!

NEW INCOME LINE ITEM: Golf is big business and there is no reason not to take advantage of every opportunity to generate income. With increasing competition for rounds of golf and management looking to maximize revenue, the Brush Caddy represents a new source of income. Members, guests, golfers and local businesses are always looking for a way to reach your players. Let the golf brushes pay for themselves and generate revenue with an advertisement or business specific logo on top of all your golf brushes.

PROOF POSITIVE: Look no further than your golf outings and all the money advertisers are willing to spend just to get a tee sign on the course for six hours. Imagine offering your logo plates for part or the entire golf season at your practice facility or par three tee boxes!

Who will advertise?
MEMBERS & REGULAR CUSTOMERS: Members and regular patrons take great pride in their home club and like to be seen as helping out the facility. As an added benefit, they are normally successful in business and have access to advertising dollars. These golfers are a perfect place to start!

CURRENT SUPPLIERS: As a customer yourself, your facility is spending money with a number of businesses. No one likes to lose business and these companies have a vested interest in your success. Give them an opportunity to complete this win win relationship!

BIG CORPORATIONS: Large corporations have equally large advertising budgets. Your local beer distributor is an obvious call and can be a great lead to a national sales contact.

LOCAL BUSINESSES: Auto dealers, local golf shops, restaurants and businesses that your players drive by on their way to and from your facility are likely to be interested in this unique opportunity.

A simple article in your club newsletter, a broadcast e-mail to your database or a sign on your golf cart should easily generate the leads and advertisers you are seeking!