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Brush Caddy Facility Benefits

brush-caddy-driving-range-1.jpgThe Brush Caddy benefits any golf club, course, practice facility or driving range where players are hitting of a grass tee! From displaying the staffs’ commitment to providing the best possible golf experience to having a better looking range ball inventory and everything in between, your personnel will enjoy the pride and excitement they experience from taking service to the next level!

PERSONNEL PRIDE: The Brush Caddy is a great reflection on the clubs’ professional and maintenance staffs. The attention to detail in selecting a club-cleaning device that is both functional and visually appealing shows the exceptional level of pride they take in their service. These golf brushes pamper your members, guests and golfers with a club cleaning service they have never experienced and exceeds all expectations! Players are always looking for something new at their home club and comparing that golf experience to other facilities they’ve played. Any service or feature that makes that experience special and unique definitely captures their attention! A unique club-cleaning service that has great presentation is something they’re sure to tell their fellow players about and make them feel good about where they play!

COMMITMENT TO SERVICE: It is a simple addition to your golf facility that says, “Anything for our players convenience and to enhance their golf experience!” The Brush Caddy demonstrates to your golfers that no detail is too small!

INCREDIBLE PRESENTATION: The Brush Caddy compliments and enhances the outstanding presentation that exists at your club by providing multiple custom options for your golf brushes. Brush color, bristle texture, logo plate design and custom logo allow every golf facility to get the look and feel that is right for their club! Show you care about your facility and golfers with customized decals of the clubs logo affixed to the logo plate. Weather resistant logo decals are easily applied to the logo plate to give your golf brushes that personal touch. Whether it is a club crest, club name or traditional logo, the logo decals offer the perfect accent for a truly professional presentation your members have come to expect.

CLASSY EVENTS: Here is great opportunity to add a touch of class to your biggest events of the season with an extra set of logo plates with a decal designed specifically for the event. Think how your members and guests will feel when they see a unique annual member-guest decal greeting them each day of the tournament! Talk about attention to detail, it doesn’t get any sweeter than that! The big invitational tournament, club championship or the club centennial celebration are all perfect opportunities to make your event stand out and have your players singing your praises!

HITTING STATION DEFINITION & SAFETY: The Brush Caddy can be used as a stand-alone tee station divider or with your current driving range equipment set up. Use a full line of golf brushes to separate your tee stations, not only will your line look great but also provides a visible safety feature for your members and guests by clearly defining the tee station. How many times have you gone to the practice facility only to see hitting boards, ropes and other station dividers scattered all over the tee. With the ground secured golf brush, your tee will look great from dawn to dusk!

COURSE IMPROVEMENTS: Use the Brush Caddy on all par three tee boxes at your club or course to remedy those turf tearing practice swings. Show your players you’re doing everything you can to improve their round of golf. All golfers are competitive, whether they are trying to beat their lowest score or get in their fellow competitors pocket. They require a clean clubface to perform their best. Substitute one of your regular tee markers with a Brush Caddy and give players the opportunity to clean their club prior to executing that all-important tee shot! Simply match the golf brush bristle color with the tee marker color for ideal appearance and instant club cleaning functionality. The tee brush has much better presentation than some unsightly broken tee collectors and actually helps golfers play better!

BETTER GOLF LESSONS: Players can now clean their clubs between every shot when taking a golf lesson. Shots hit with a clean clubface provide better feedback to the player. Ball flight direction and distance are more accurate with improved spin and control. Golfers want the most accurate feedback they can get! For the teacher and student, the clock is running and neither of you wants to waste valuable time walking back to the bag to clean clubs. With the Brush Caddy right there, the student can clean their club in the time it takes for the teacher to position the next ball! You want your students to succeed and hitting shots with a clean clubface can only increase their ability to hit good shots! It just makes sense.

GOLF BALL INVENTORY: The Brush Caddy minimizes wear and tear on the clubs’ golf ball inventory. With less sand and dirt between the clubface and the ball, the covers on the range balls look better longer!