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iTowel 2

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The I Towel2 | Bag Towel is our latest addition to the Exsite Golf accessory category.

We took the excess fabric from the production of the “Original” Tour Towel , combined the two remaining pieces together with a solid fabric band down the middle, attached a grommet and created the only Microfiber bag towel that is not in the shape of a square or rectangle.

This towel drapes perfectly from the mouth of your bag and will certainly catch your eye. The I Towel2  Bag Towel is extremely light weight and carries all the same positive attributes to the player as does the “Original”. This is a solid cleaning towel, great absorption characteristics and uniquely attractive in both a 29” and 41” lengths.

This towel has incredible marketing savvy and numerous locations to place your country club, resort, high school, college or charity crest.