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Pineapple Waffle (400 GSM)

For the true precision golfer who takes great pride in having a clean clubface for every shot, the 400gsm “Pineapple” Waffle towel is the next best thing to the hand held golf brush. Instantly, this towel creates a call to action. It is the size, shape and fabric blends of the “Pineapple” waffle design that creates the firmness throughout the towel. With thousands of tightly woven fibers creating rough ridges and pockets of empty space between each waffle, there is plenty of surface area throughout this towel to clean, capture and obtain a deep penetrating swath through the grooves of your club. One of the most unique chacteristics of the “Pineapple” towel is that it has an almost tacky feel to it. A slightly abrasive texture that when applied to your grips will surely get the film and moisture off without applying to much pressure. Visually, this towel has an attitude. A bold attraction all its own that casts a slight glow or shimmer whenever or wherever it is displayed. Clean or dirty, wet or dry, this towel is EXSITING!

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