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The Brush Caddy

brush-caddy.jpgThe Patented Brush Caddy is a stand alone club cleaning device that allows players to clean their clubface/grooves after each and every shot while warming up on the driving range. With a simple swipe of the club across the bristles of the Caddy, a player will remove approximately 90-95% of the debris from the front surface of the club.  Players that are attempting to remove the divot from their club by using the toe of their golf shoe are only removing half or 45% of the debris from the clubface. This motion not only compacts the dirt into the grooves of your club but delivers inconsistent results on distance control, trajectory, spin, and the flight of your golf ball. The Brush Caddy will also eliminate the need of your pant leg, glove or towel in the back pocket to keep your clubs clean.

Exsite Golf’s Brush Caddy is also portable and comes in a green, light weight carry bag that resembles a bag of range balls. The bristle size and width structure were designed so that the Brush Caddy actually cleans itself while in use. The bristles catapult the debris from the surface of the brush after each swipe of the club resulting in little grass or mud caught in between the elements. This self cleaning also makes sure that when placed back in the Carry Bag (personal use), there will be very little odor to accompany your travels. This brush is ideal for the true competitor whether you are a junior golfer or touring pro who is looking to obtain the best results possible while honing his or her game. The Brush Caddy’s come in a variety of colors to choose from and for the true perfectionist, we offer a Bunker Spike on our accessory page.

The versatility of this amenity is unmatched in the golf industry. These brushes can be customized for any country club, resort, team or charity event. With two different plates to choose from, you can be sure your dedication to service and overall presentation will not be overlooked. Place them on your par 3’s as a tee marker or surprise your tournament participants with this as a gift bag item.

SIZE MATTERS: The size of the entire unit is designed to be both functional and appealing to your players! Ranging from approximately 8 inches high installed with the round logo plate to 10 inches high installed with the rectangular logo plate, the Brush Caddy is an optimal size for function and presentation.

EASY ASSEMBLY: The three-pieces of the Brush Caddy are easily attached using a threaded screw system. Simply screw the threaded spike / ground plate into the bottom of the brush body for a tight and secure fit.

COST EFFICIENT: The three-piece construction can also save your facility money on reorders! It is not necessary to replace the entire unit when placing a reorder, just order the parts you need in the quantity you desire. Brush body looking a little worn, place the order for the color and bristle texture that you need and screw on the logo plate and spike when your replacement brush body arrives.

The Brush Caddy has the brush body as its heart and soul! The more than three inches of bristles, constructed of polybutylene terephthalte, are designed to flick away any clubface residue as the player makes a downward brushing motion with the club against the brush. Custom options give you flexibility to design the best presentation for your club.

ROUNDED DESIGN: The rounded body design featuring a slightly wider top and narrower bottom makes cleaning easy for all clubs regardless of the amount of loft. From woods to wedges, the Brush Caddy will clean the clubface.

MULTIPLE COLORS: Choose the bristle color that’s right for you!

Our solid colored brushes are available in Black, Red, Orange, and Blue. Our quadrant colored combination models feature our black & green design or the green and yellow combination. Other custom colors are available based on order quantity!

FIRM & COMBINATION BRISTLES: Our solid colored brushes feature a firm bristle texture while our quadrant colored models feature both firm and soft bristles. The tour players that tested the Brush Caddy preferred the combination design utilizing the soft bristles for their woods and hybrids and the firm texture bristles for their irons.

The Brush Caddy offers your choice of two logo plate styles to complete your golf brush design. The round logo plate is two inches high and four inches wide. A ridged, flat top allows space for a single customized logo decal just over three inches in diameter! Our two-sided rectangular upright plate is slightly over four inches high and four inches wide. The ridged plate provides for decal space from almost four inches wide to over two inches high. Both logo plates can be customized with a decal of any image to get the exact look that’s right for your facility!

CLUB LOGO: Show your facility pride with customized decals of the clubs logo affixed to the logo plate. Weather resistant logo decals are easily affixed to the logo plate to give your Brush Caddy that personal facility touch. Whether it is a club crest, club name or traditional logo, the logo decals offer the perfect accent for a truly professional presentation!

SPECIAL EVENTS: Add a touch of class to your biggest events of the season with an extra set of logo plates with a decal designed specifically for the event. Think how your members and guests will feel when they see a unique annual member-guest decal greeting them each day of the tournament! Talk about attention to detail, it doesn’t get any sweeter than that! The big invitational tournament, club championship or the club centennial celebration are all perfect opportunities to make your best presentation.

GENERATE INCOME: The Brush Caddy is ideal for practice facilities and clubs looking to boost the bottom line by using the logo plates to sell advertising. Members, guests, golfers and local businesses are always looking for a way to reach your players. Let the golf brushes pay for themselves and generate revenue with an advertisement or business specific logo on top of all your golf brushes.

ALL WEATHER: Our logo decals are constructed of vehicle grade adhesive backed vinyl to ensure the best possible presentation! The fade resistant UV ink performs well in any climate. Utilizing the same material used on professional automobiles, your investment is guaranteed to look great and last!

There are two different types of Spikes available with the Brush Caddy. Our unique plastic T-design spike that resists twisting through its grooved construction is primarily used for softer soil bases and Bunkers. This spike has a ground plate that is built into the design so when setting the brushes up on the range they are all set at the same height. The Metal spike is 6.5” long and has separate cleated ground plate that acts as the stabilizer when inserted into the ground. Both spikes are simply screwed in to the bottom of the Brush Caddy itself.