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The Original Tour Towel

tourtowel-learn-more.jpg“The O” Tour Towel, designed and created by Exsite Golf is as Unique as it is Original. This patent pending towel is the only one of its kind that has maximum absorption capabilities using Microfiber blended materials and conforms to your shoulder for a firm and comfortable fit. Anywhere on the golf course where there is a need to have a towel, on the green to clean your golf ball, on the tee box to ensure a dry grip or when walking to your ball in the fairway to wipe off perspiration, “The O” when draped correctly, will not droop or fall off your shoulder. With the center of the towel measuring 7 inches across, this design creates a natural movement around your neck and across your shoulder blades which allows for equal weight distribution on both sides of the towel. It actually fits as comfortable as your favorite golf shirt. No more bunching or rolling up to deal with. Every Tour Towel made by Exsite Golf also has its very own Personal ID Tag for your Name, e-mail address (for privacy), or Phone number, so if lost or misplaced, you will be able to retrieve this valuable piece of equipment. No other golf towel manufacturer offers the consumer this added feature.

For the many golfers who carry a large towel that have experienced frustration when trying to remove the towel from the neck of your irons, The “O” Tour Towel is the answer. By narrowing the dimensions of the towel in the middle, we have removed a large part of the bulk or excess material which now allows you to easily slide your towel through your clubs with very little resistance. Finally!

Exsite Golf has created three different Microfiber towels with four different textures and weight classes. We have our 600gsm, 400gsm, and a 300gsm towel variety. The “gsm” classification means “grams per square meter”. It is the weight of a single layer of fabric that is square. So, the more layers, the more texture and body.

With such a wide variety of towels to choose from, Exsite Golf has given you the opportunity to select the towel that best fits your personal needs as a golfer. To make sure we have all your bases covered in this amenity category, we have created two different size towels.The smaller towel measurements are 29” x 7” x 19”. And the larger Tour Towel reaches to 41”x 7” x 21”.

This 600gsm Microfiber towel is our most full textured towel that we manufacture and possess extreme versatility. It can absorb many its weight in water and can be used for cleaning your grips, or clubface as well as delivering the feel of your finest shower towel when applied to your face. This Tour Towel is ideal for the golfer who prefers to carry their bag. The 41” x 7” x 21” larger Tour Towel is long enough to drape over both your shoulders at one time to add extra cushioning to your shoulder strap. With multiple colors and hem line schemes to choose from, this towel will not only become an asset to your game, it will add class to your attire.

The 400 gsm Large Waffle Tour Towel exceeds all expectations when it comes to creativity and design appeal. This towel has a classy half inch concave waffle pattern throughout its hourglass shape and will perform to the highest degree to every golfers needs. This towel stands alone in function, fashion and grabs your attention like no other textile product on the accessories page of any golf warehouse web- site. To accompany its visual appeal, the slightly firmer texture allows the player to feel confident that its cleaning capabilities support all the wonderful attributes that accompany this prize possession. One of the most structured elements of all our towels is that they are all light weight Microfiber makeups. Very absorbent and quick to dry.

For the true precision golfer who takes great pride in having a clean clubface for every shot, the 400gsm “Pineapple” Waffle towel is the next best thing to the hand held golf brush. Instantly, this towel creates a call to action. It is the size, shape and fabric blends of the “Pineapple” waffle design that creates the firmness throughout the towel. With thousands of tightly woven fibers creating rough ridges and pockets of empty space between each waffle, there is plenty of surface area throughout this towel to clean, capture and obtain a deep penetrating swath through the grooves of your club. One of the most unique chacteristics of the “Pineapple” towel is that it has an almost tacky feel to it. A slightly abrasive texture that when applied to your grips will surely get the film and moisture off without applying to much pressure. Visually, this towel has an attitude. A bold attraction all its own that casts a slight glow or shimmer whenever or wherever it is displayed. Clean or dirty, wet or dry, this towel is EXSITING!